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We'll protect your rights. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney matters. As a former deputy prosecutor and police detective, Mr. Scremin knows police procedure and constitutional law. You can trust that your rights will be protected through aggressive representation, and if appropriate, suppression of illegally obtained evidence. Call Robert Scremin 24/7 at 260-494-0606 to get answers to your questions with a free consultation.



Few lawyers have tried a murder case to a jury. Even fewer have obtained several "Not Guilty" verdicts. While every case is different, and past results are no guarantee of future outcomes, Mr. Scremin has this level experience, having tried multiple murder cases. Crimes of violence have serious punishments, and often involve victim and witness testimony, as well as complex forensic evidence. As a former police detective and major felony deputy prosecutor, Mr. Scremin was involved in hundreds of cases where it was necessary to analyze evidence such as DNA results, cell phone forensics, autopsy reports, psychological reports, medical reports and witness statements. In such cases, it is crucial to scrutinize the motives of victims and witnesses as well as police procedure, investigation and the handling of evidence. Mr. Scremin has the background to thoroughly evaluate your case and help determine the best course of action. Mr. Scremin will endeavor to obtain the best result in your case, whether by plea agreement, suppression of evidence or a jury trial.


Domestic violence charges, including battery, stalking and the violation of protection orders, are some of the most legally complex criminal charges in Indiana. When facing these types of charges, it can feel like your family is being torn apart. Domestic violence charges can not only result in incarceration, but often impact other civil issues such as the ability to occupancy a residence, maintain child visitation or possess a firearm. A felony domestic violence conviction is one of the few Level 6 felony convictions that cannot be converted to a misdemeanor, and a Brady Violation disqualification can prevent a person from owning or possessing a firearm. When facing domestic violence charges, it is absolutely critical to hire a lawyer familiar with the laws and consequences of domestic violence convictions, protection orders and no contact orders. Mr. Scremin is a former FCADV Injunction for Protection Attorney, and a former Deputy Prosecutor with the felony Domestic Violence Team. Mr. Scremin has the experience to both evaluate your case and clearly explain your options.



If you have been charged with a drug or gun offense, there are often very important constitutional issues at stake. Most drug and gun cased involve the search of a person, vehicle or place, and the seizure of evidence. Often, such cases involve warrantless searches, which have many limitations. Mr. Scremin has not only taught Constitutional Law as an Adjunct Professor, but as a former narcotics detective and deputy prosecutor, he has hand-on experience dealing with crucial constitutional issues involved in search and seizure. A proper evaluation of police procedure with regard to the facts of your case, could mean the difference between potentially going to prison or having your case dismissed based upon the suppression of evidence. Mr. Scremin will not only evaluate your case, but take the time to explain search and seizure, and how it impacts your possible defenses. Mr. Scremin will ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Drug charges often involve determining whether drugs were possessed for personal use or with the intent to distribute, which often comes with harsher consequences. If you have a drug addiction, Mr. Scremin may be able to help you find the treatment you need as an alternative to jail or prison. There are numerous programs and alternatives to incarceration. Call today for a free consultation.


Probation violations can have serious consequences, and can often mean the possibility of jail or prison if probation or home detention is revoked. There are many alternatives to a jail sentence including alternative housing and drug treatment programs. Mr. Scremin has litigated hundreds of probation and community corrections violations, and is familiar with the many alternatives to incarceration. If you are facing a probation or community corrections violation, call for a free consultation.

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