BW Headshot.jpg
  • 22 Years Experience

  • Former Major Felony Deputy Prosecutor

  • Former FCADV Domestic Violence Attorney

  • Former S.W.A.T/Narcotics Detective

  • Over 600 Felony Cases Litigated

  • Graduate: National Criminal Defense College


Robert Scremin has litigated over 600 major felony cases in addition to litigating personal injury and employment discrimination cases in state and federal court. He is a former Deputy Prosecutor with the Indianapolis Drugs, Guns and Gangs Unit and the Fort Wayne Major Felony Domestic Violence Team.  He is also the former FCADV Domestic Violence Injunction for Protection Attorney for the Florida Keys. Robert is a graduate of the coveted National Criminal Defense College at Mercer Law School in Macon, Georgia. 


Prior to attending law school, Robert spent nearly six years as a S.W.A.T./Narcotics Detective and police officer in Tampa Bay, where he was involved in hundreds of arrests and drug investigations.  He has taught numerous criminal justice classes as an adjunct professor, including criminal law, constitutional law, evidence, juvenile justice and serial killers.


Robert has been licensed to practice law in Indiana, California, Illinois, Florida, and South Dakota (Yes, that is 5 separate bar exams). Robert has also taught criminal justice as an adjunct professor at Ivy Tech College and is the author of the Seizure Rights Handbook.

Robert enjoys fishing, sailing and he is an avid motorcycle enthusiast. He is also a life-long runner and has completed the San Francisco, Chicago and Indianapolis marathons as well as the Florida Keys 100 Mile Relay.